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Yevhen Khyst

Yevhen Khyst

Self-employed, Ukraine

Starting as a Software Engineer in projects for the local Ukrainian companies, Yevhen has evolved to System Architect and Java Architect in the international IT outsourcing companies and independent Technical Consultant. Since 2013, he has been involved in various projects, playing different roles related to software architecture.

Speaker's activity
Designing applications optimally utilizing multi-core CPU

Often, application performs some tasks too long because it is not designed in the way to use multi-core CPU on maximum capacity, for example much time is wasted on waiting for resources. What I want to cover in this talk:

– When multi-threading makes sense?
– Why there is no sense to run HHD I/O in parallel?
– How SSD behave with multi-threading compared to HDD?
– I/O and buffering.
– Fast producer, slow consumer problem and solutions.
– How streaming APIs (StAX, JSON Streaming API) can help to minimize CPU time wasted on waiting for I/O.
– Non-blocking I/O in Java.
– Accessing database from different threads.