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Volodymyr Tsap

Volodymyr Tsap

CTO at SHALB, Ukraine

At 19 applied for a Senior Technical Support Engineer position at Genesys, a leader for omni-channel customer experience & contact center solutions. Supporting Java and .NET SDK’s, handling Tier 3 cases for worldwide customers (Apple, Vodafone, T-mobile, Bank of America, etc..). After 3 years become a Staff TSE.

At 23 become a Chief Information Security Officer at the largest ukrainian internet holding company Bigmir-Internet.

In 2009 has founded and become CTO at the SHALB. The company delivers full infrastructure support, security consulting and DevOps services for more than 30 high-load projects worldwide. Now managing Linux Support and DevOps teams, providing architectural planning and private clouds design consulting.

Speaker's activity
Immutable Infrastructure as a default architectural pattern in MSA world

Java EE containers, OSGI containers, can quite easily undeploy and deploy applications at runtime for an upgrade or other various reasons. But you don’t need this. Immutable Infrastructure (II) – the pattern that perfectly fits modern microservice requirements.

During this talk we will cover:

– Immutable Infrastructure concept overview.
– Separation of Data and Code – separation of concerns.
– Java code requirements for II.
– Continuous Deployment upgrade models. Pros and cons.
– II toolsets on GCE, AWS, Openstack and your notebook.