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Scaling your application up and out with Ehcache and Terracotta

Описание: Caching is a well known and understood pattern to address scaling problems. Depending on the challenges your application is facing, it might mean a little more than just putting a cache in front of your system of record. This session will take you on a tour through the different ways you can use Ehcache, the de facto standard caching solution in the Java space, to scale your application. Whether you need to scale reads or writes to your database, deal with millions to billions of cache entries or you require a lot of computation power to actually use that data, Ehcache provides you with the tools to bring your application to the next level. Initially introduced to provide a second-level cache for Hibernate, Ehcache has since grown a very long set of features: transactional and searchable caches, cache writers and loaders, support for replication and clustering… and the list goes on. Not only will these features be presented, but we will also show how you can use them today to solve real-world issues.
Тип выступления: Доклад (60 минут)
Alex Snaps

Alex Snaps

Brussels Area, Belgium

Alex Snaps is a software engineer at Terracota Inc, with significant experience in web application development and highly concurrent systems. Before working on the Terracotta platform and product line, he participated in medium to large projects as coach, development lead and architect. He speaks regularly about Java development at events such as JavaOne, JavaPolis, Devoxx, JavaZone, Jazoon or XP Days as well as JUGs around the globe. He is currently working on Ehcache, the Quartz enterprise scheduler and the Terracotta Toolkit.

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