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Elevate your webapps with Scala and Lift

Описание: Scala is currently riding a wave of popularity, and consequently many Scala web-application frameworks have emerged. Lift is one of the earliest Scala web frameworks and is used by the likes of Foursquare, The Guardian and other high-profile websites. Lift offers several unique approaches to web development. For example, it has a very distinct view-first rather than controller-first approach.

In this session we will explore how Lift uses Scala and functional programming to create a highly productive, secure and interactive web-application development stack.

Тип выступления: Доклад (50 минут)
Sander Mak

Sander Mak

Nijmegen Area, Netherlands

After getting his master’s degree in Software Technology, Sander became a software developer/architect specializing in Java and application integration at Info Support, The Netherlands. He loves sharing knowledge, for example by writing for the Dutch Java Magazine and presenting at conferences. Sander also was invited to speak at Oracle’s Java 7 launch events in The Netherlands in 2011. His passion for Java, alternative JVM languages and related technologies knows no bounds!

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