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Speed up your Web applications with HTML5 WebSockets

Описание: HTML5 specification includes the communication protocol WebSockets, which is getting more and more popular in the Wall Street real-time Web applications. WebSockets API is include in the upcoming Java EE 7 specification. WebSocket offers solution to the problems of latency, scalability and performance associated with HTTP based solutions like polling, long-polling and HTTP-streaming. Online auctions, financial trading applications, and multi-player games can benefit from implementing WebSockets. This session starts with a brief overview of traditional HTTP protocols followed by covering of how WebSockets works. You’ll see how using WebSockets removes the overhead of heavy HTTP request and response headers. Finally, we’ll review the code of the Web application, where WebSockets is used for the data exchange between HTML-based front end and the latest build of the Java server GlassFish 4.
Тип выступления: Доклад (50 минут)
Yakov Fain

Yakov Fain

Farata Systems, USA

Yakov Fain is Managing Partner at a software boutique Farata Systems (USA). He authored several technical books and lots of articles on software development. His book «Java Programming. 24-Hour Trainer» was published by Wrox in 2011, and Yakov sweared this was going to be his last technical book. Sun Microsystems has nominated and awarded Mr. Fain with the title of Java Champion. Yakov’s personal blog is located at yakovfain.com. Currently he works with his colleagues at Farata on a book for O’Relly on enterprise Web development.

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