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Introduction to web application development in Clojure

Описание: This is a talk about Clojure as a tool to develop web applications with leiningen, Compojure and Enlive (you could be using different set of projects, but since most if not all are based on Ring, the knowledge gained on this presentation should be easily applicable to other project sets, too).

During the presentation I demonstrate the tools needed to set up a complete environment for web development. It’s gonna be very easy to follow for people who want to start developing *something* in Clojure. The presentation is used as a vehicle to drive people towards a fictitious but research-oriented project to study functional concepts of Clojure further.

Тип выступления: Доклад (50 минут)
Jacek Laskowski

Jacek Laskowski

IBM, Poland
Jacek Laskowski is the founder and a co-leader of the Warszawa Java User Group (Warszawa JUG). It works as a professional software specialist in the IBM World-wide WebSphere Competitive Migration Team to assist customers in their migrations from competitive Java EE application servers to IBM WebSphere Application Server. He develops applications, writes articles, mentors, records screencasts, delivers courses and reviews IT books. Jacek contributes to several open source projects with the longest track record in Apache OpenEJB. He regularly speaks at developer conferences. For his achievements he’s recently been appointed to the IBM Academy of Technology. He blogs at blog.japila.pl (en) and blog.jaceklaskowski.pl (pl). Follow him on twitter @jaceklaskowski. He has quite recently been active in StackOverflow.

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