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Mobile functional testing with Arquillian Droidium

Abstract: How do you test your Android applications, both web and Android ones, in a functional way? Not yet? Big mistake! With the existence of Graphene and Droidium tooling from Arquillian universe, you are able to test them very conveniently. First part of the talk will give you brief introduction to Arquillian Graphene while in the second part, you will get know Arquillian Droidium. Droidium is new tool from Arquillian platform which enables you to use Graphene Selenium-like API for web and native Android applications. We will show you its main features, how to use it and how to write tests in a Graphene way and how to use Java EE application containers in connection with Android devices in one test run which interacts together.
Format: Talk (50 minutes)
Language: English
Stefan Miklosovic

Stefan Miklosovic

Red Hat, Czech Republic

What was only his hobby ended up as his job he loves – doing open-source, coding in Java and working for Red Hat as mobile quality engineer. Stefan provides new blood to Java and Java EE ecosystem. He is mostly contributing for Arquillian testing platform where he leads Arquillian Droidium and mobile continuous integration is his everyday bread. He is succesfull participant of Google Summer of Code 2013 and he loves pushing new code to upstream. Stefan is not scared by functional languages either. He hacks around Scala from time to time as well.


You could download slides here.