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The way to know how your app is really perform with metrics by Coda Hale

Abstract: Nowadays when developers required to be aligned with operations it’s quite important to have common understanding of how application is performing in production. I believe quite small amount of developers are really care/think about operation of the app. In this talk I’m going to describe how it’s easy to provide performance information of application in production with Metrics by Coda Hale and to share practical use cases.
Format: Talk (50 minutes)
Language: Russian
Izzet Mustafaiev

Izzet Mustafaiev

EPAM, Ukraine

Software engineer working in EPAM Systems with primary skills in Java, with hands on Ruby/Groovy.
Participated in many different projects as a developer and architect. Actively promoting XP and Clean Code habits. Active member of EPAM Kyiv Agile User Group and JUG KPI, participated in JEEConf, XPDays, AgileEE, JavaDay, EPAM SEC in 2013.