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Dart for Java Developers

Abstract: Dart is a new language for the Web created by Google. Its syntax will look very familiar for Java developers. It allows both object-oriented and functional programming and can be used both on the client-side as well as on the server-side in the Dartium VM. It comes with a top notch Dart-to-JavaScript compiler, which makes it production ready today. Dart was developed by the same people who were working on HotSpot JVM and V8 – the fastest JavaScript engine.

In this session you’ll learn the syntax of Dart language, and we’ll compare it side-by-side with Java 8. We’ll also go over the Dart ecosystem, and you’ll see an example of Dart to Java communication. I’ve submitted several patches to the Dart project, currently working on two Dart projects and considering it as a way to escape from developing in JavaScript.

Format: Talk (50 minutes)
Language: Russian
Anton Moiseev

Anton Moiseev

Farata Systems, Russia

Anton is a software developer. He’s been developing enterprise applications for 7 years with Java and .NET technologies. He has a solid background developing rich Internet applications using various platforms. Currently he’s building e-Commerce applications based on Java EE platform. Anton has a strong focus on Web technologies implementing best practices to make the front-end work seamlessly with the back-end. He’s a huge enthusiast of programming languages.


You can find slides here.