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Dining Philosophers Strike Back

Abstract: As multithreading experts joke, programmers are divided into two types: first ones don’t know anything about concurrency programming and second ones THINK they know something. :)

I think that a majority of JEEConf participants wrote multithreaded code, at least, once. Among this majority, almost all people know what is deadlock. And many of these people know how to fight with deadlocks.
Or they just THINK they know it?

In my talk I consider the classical problem of Dining Philosophers. We will consider different solutions of it (implemented in Java) and see what are the dangers of each of them.

Format: Talk (50 minutes)
Language: Russian
Alexey Fyodorov

Alexey Fyodorov

Oracle, Russia

Java developer for more than seven years. The last three years working in Oracle (Java Compatibility Kit, Java Platform Group). Leader of the St. Petersburg Java User Group, and CodeFreeze community, organizer of Russian Java conferences JPoint and Joker. Interested in multithreaded programming, psychology, the history of European philosophy and trash culture. Collects weapons, software engineering trade-offs and black unread books.


Github project with demo code.