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Easy Distributed Systems using Hazelcast

Abstract: Today’s applications are getting more and more distributed everyday and it is well-known that distributed programming is hard. With Hazelcast though, distributed programming is easy and lots of fun. A common reaction of Hazelcast users is “Ooh my God, this cannot be that easy”. Hazelcast is an open source, highly scalable, transactional, distributed/partitioned implementation of queue, map, set, list, lock and executor services for Java. Hazelcast is for you if you like to easily: share data/state among many servers (e.g. web session sharing), cache your data (distributed cache), cluster your application, partition your in-memory data, send/receive messages among applications, distribute workload onto many servers, take advantage of parallel processing or provide fail-safe data management.
Format: Talk (50 minutes)
Language: English
Peter Veentjer

Peter Veentjer

Hazelcast, Bulgaria

Peter is Solution Architect and Senior Developer working at Hazelcast where he focuses mostly on the Hazecast core, the reactive programming model or the monitoring solutions. He is currently “writing the book” on Hazelcast. In the past he has been working on Open Source project like Multiverse: STM for Java and Akka.


You could find PDF version of slides here.