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In-Memory Data Grid – an essential part of your architecture

Abstract: This presentation is about In-Memory Data Grid concept and its place among other enterprise technologies. You will learn:

  • Why IMDGs are one of the primary approaches for building of BIG low latency applications.
  • What are typical scenarios when you should consider using of an IMDG.
  • Who are the major players, brief overview of existing implementations.
  • Is it really so fast, some numbers from our lab.
Format: Talk (50 minutes)
Language: Russian
Roman Shramkov

Roman Shramkov

EPAM, Ukraine

Solution Architect at EPAM Systems. I lead JEE projects for many years and have a lot of interesting stories to talk about. One of my focus areas is Agile and XP development and adaptation of these approaches for different cases. Often I can be found discussing new technologies and architectural solutions with other people.


Slides may be found here.