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Don’t tell me how to bring your beer

Abstract: The release of Java SE 8 is the most significant release since Java 5 that happened 10 years ago. This presentation is an overview of the new features of the language and the new APIs. We’ll have some fun going over the code demonstrating new interfaces, lambdas, Stream API and new way to work with Date and Time. We’ll discuss all this using an easy to understand business domain: love and beer.
Format: Talk (50 minutes)
Language: Russian
Yakov Fain

Yakov Fain

Farata Systems, USA

Yakov Fain is Managing Director at a software boutique Farata Systems. He authored several technical books and lots of articles on software development. His book «Java Programming. 24-Hour Trainer» was published by Wrox in 2011. Yakov is Java Champion. Yakov leads Princeton Java Users Group. This year he co-authored O’Reilly book “Enterprise Web Development” and is working on new version of “Java for Kids” book to be published by No Starch Press. His free video lessons on Intro to Java programming are being published at YouTube channel.


You could download slides here.