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Cooperation between Java compilers and IDEs

Abstract: It’s quite simple to compile java-files to class-files, just call javac (Oracle’s compiler) or EJC (Eclipse Java Compiler). But how to compile big projects consisting of many thousands of files? In this talk we’ll see how IDEs speed up the process of compilation to compile even big projects instantly.

I’m going to talk about cooperation between Java-compilers and IDEs: how compiler can help IDE and how IDE can help compiler, and what features of javac make this a challenging task. Also I’ll show how to write a correct Java program which cannot be compiled.

Format: Talk (50 minutes)
Language: Russian
Nikolay Chashnikov

Nikolay Chashnikov

JetBrains, Russia

Nikolay has over 10 years of professional experience with Java-related technologies. During the last 8 years he were working on IntelliJ IDEA project in JetBrains. He participated in development of the internal build system and integration with applications servers, implemented plugins for Google Web Toolkit and Google App Engine, developed the core of the debugger subsystem used for different languages and worked on many other parts of the product.