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Java8: Advanced Stream Techniques

Abstract: Only lazy Java developers didn’t hear about new Java 8 and its powerful feature ‘stream API’. The most active developers already tried to play with streams. This talk is neither for lazy nor active developers. This talk is for curious. We’ll look under the hood of ‘Stream API’, we’ll try to understand how it works, we’ll learn how to implement our custom streams, and how to use streams efficiently.
Format: Talk (50 minutes)
Language: Russian
Sergey Kuksenko

Sergey Kuksenko

Oracle, Russia
Primary skills of Sergey are performance engineering, benchmarking, JVMs, JIT compilers, and class libraries. He has been accelerated JVMs since 2005 when he worked for Intel in Apache Harmony Performance team. Recently he is working on JDK8 Lambda Project performance.


You could download slides here.