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Java Memory Model Pragmatics

Abstract: Java Memory Model (JMM) specification tries to be very concise yet complete. Because JMM tries to embrace a very large set of phenomenon, its formalism is very heavy, which unfortunately resulted in losing the “humanity” of the spec.

In this talk, we will follow the logic of the model; review what pragmatic results the model was trying to achieve; look closely at the real world limitations the model had to endure; see how JMM tries to balance between developers’ needs and runtime/hardware maintainers requests.

Format: Master-class (1 hour 40 minutes)
Language: Russian
Aleksey Shipilёv

Aleksey Shipilёv

Oracle, Russia
Aleksey is the Java SE Performance Engineer working for Sun/Oracle for 5 years. The primary skills include performance engineering, benchmarking, JVMs, JITs, and class libraries. Maintains multiple projects, including jmh, jcstress, and jol. Prior joining Sun, Aleksey was employed by Intel where he worked in Apache Harmony performance team for 3+ years.


You could download slides here.