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Rapid Development of Big Data applications using Spring for Apache Hadoop

Abstract: Spring for Apache Hadoop provides a collection of extensions and wrappers which make real-life project development using Hadoop technologies much easier, just like it has done for J2EE. Moreover, it doesn’t force you to dramatically change the way you develop applications – you still work with Java stack. In my presentation I’ll describe how we used Spring for Apache Hadoop to speed up and simplify development of business features using Big Data technologies. Main focus:

  • High level APIs for different aspects
  • Modularity & Testability
  • Integration with Spring Batch and other Spring projects
  • Scripting
  • Extensibility & Caveats
Format: Talk (50 minutes)
Language: Russian
Zenyk Matchyshyn

Zenyk Matchyshyn

Lohika, Ukraine

Zenyk Matchyshyn is a consultant/architect working for Lohika. His primary focus is consulting on advanced technologies for technological startups. He’s been doing software development since 2002, using Spring since 2005, and Hadoop since 2009. The main areas of interest are Big Data, Semantic Technologies, Robotics, and Machine-to-Machine interfaces.