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Spring the Ripper

Abstract: Why should we know about Spring internals? It works! So use it and enjoy! However, as always, in order to use Spring in most efficient way, you must know, what is under the fork. Only in case you really understand its internals you will be able to use all power of Spring. You will be able to customize this framework according to challenges of your project, to achieve best performance and solve any problem without applying to Spring-support center. ;)

Here are several topics about Spring internals, which will be covered during this session (with examples for each one):

  • What is Spring impact on the performance of your application?
  • What are the phases of Spring lifecycle?
  • What is ApplicationContext structure?
  • “You can’t do it with Spring!” – or maybe you can?
Format: Talk (50 minutes)
Language: Russian
Evgeny Borisov

Evgeny Borisov

Self employed, Israel

Since 2001 Evgeny was working as Java Developer, Team Leader, Java Architect and Java Trainer. Today he has his own consulting company.