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Tooling of a Test-Driven Developer

Abstract: TDD is much easier to do if you’re using proper tools. With bad tooling the TDD process can be tiring and frustrating. In this presentation I’ll talk how we use TDD in our daily practice at Pragmatists (over 5 years of experiences) and show you some tools that support it. I’ll also show some Java8 tricks that make implementation of tests easier.
Format: Talk (50 minutes)
Language: English
Paweł Lipiński

Paweł Lipiński

Pragmatists, Poland

A programmer with over 15 years of professional experience, solution architect, team coach and trainer in agile processes and practices. Frequent speaker on Java and Agile conferences. Co-creator of Agile Warsaw group. Author of tumbler-glass, a BDD framework for Java. For over 5 years leads a software house in Warsaw called Pragmatists, this way he’s realising and verifying what he talks about.