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Web Apps in LISP!? EWW!

Abstract: What is your “Java Web” today? Spring MVC? GWT? Seam? or maybe “Spark Java”? The greatest thing in Java is of course the JVM, which allows many other languages to join the party. Groovy, Scala, JRuby… you name it. And of course LISP! In Java world we call it Clojure.

This talk will walk you through galaxies of the magical Clojure Web Universe. We’ll witness the beauty of client side (ClojureScript) core.async, and will time travel together on the shoulders of Om [Facebook’s React + Clojure Love]. The idea is to show that LISP is not only nothing to be afraid of, but also is a JVM Super Power of Simplicity that allows you to focus on creation rather than on “xyz framework specifics”.

Format: Talk (50 minutes)
Language: English
Anatoly Polinsky

Anatoly Polinsky

Chariot Solutions, USA

Anatoly Loves People, Music and Coding. He went from “ZX Spectrum The Great” to z/Series and then back to human oriented hardware. He works at the Chariot Solutions where he has an opportunity to hack on Clojure, Scala, Java, Mobile and this thing people call big data. In his free time he drinks scotch, smokes hookah and jams some guitar chords with others, and then some.


You could find online version of slides here.