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Stanislav Kyfenko

Stanislav Kyfenko

SoftServe, Ukraine

Stanislav Kyfenko is a full-stack software engineer at SoftServe. He is mainly focused on distributed systems development, API, Web Services and looking for new challenges in constraint satisfaction problem area. He has rich experience with Vehicle Routing Problem solving against a huge range of given constraints, tuning existing solutions to make them optimal, integrating VRP with distributed systems.

Speaker's activity
Vehicle Routing Problem: how to solve it in Java?
May 21st

Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) is one of the most challenging combinatorial optimization tasks, a central problem in the areas of transportation, distribution and logistics. Decreasing transport costs can be achieved through better resources (vehicles) utilization.

VRP is to design route for N vehicles with M depots and P customers in order to meet the given constraints (less time, less fuel, less trucks, less workers). Looks pretty complicated, doesn’t it?

We will talk about VRP theory, real use cases, Java frameworks, which help to solve it, and best practices. This speech will show us how limited Google Maps Directions API is and how OptaPlanner and other VRP-solvers can fill this gap out. We will go through sample application and analyze how efficient it is.