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Тренинг “JavaScript for Java developers”

Целевая аудитория

Java developers who are planning to work with JavaScript.

Описание тренинга

Many Java developers have an impression that JavaScript is a second-league interpreted language with the main purpose of making Web pages a little prettier. The reality is different though. JavaScript is a powerful, flexible, dynamically typed language that supports inheritance. JavaScript functions are the first class citizen that can live their own lives as opposed to Java’s methods. But mastering JavaScript can present a challenge to Java developers who quickly find themselves in the Wild West Land of dynamic programming.

Why you may want to learn JavaScript? First, learning how things done in a different language makes you a better Java developer.

Second, HTML5 becomes a new buzzword and adding JavaScript to your skill set makes you a more valuable software developer. You may not know the best kept secret – 80% of any HTML5 project is spent writing JavaScript code. Such projects use one of many JavaScript frameworks which include convenient components, functions, effects, and promise to solve Web browser incompatibilities, but in the end of day it’s still about JavaScript programming.

The goal of this master class is to introduce you to this very interesting language highlighting the differences with the Java way of doing stuff. This is a hand-on training and each attendee must bring a notebook with pre-installed software (details will be provided to those who’ll register). This training will be conducted in Russian, but all presentation materials are in English.

Детальная программа

  • Starting with JavaScript
    • Basic language constructs
    • The HelloWorld program
    • Using IDE
    • Debugging JavaScript
  • JavaScript Objects
    • JavaScript Objects vs. Java Classes
    • How to instantiate objects
    • Prototypal vs. Classical Inheritance
    • Dynamic nature of objects
  • JavaScript Functions
    • Functions are Objects
    • Function Literals
    • Functions with Methods
    • Closures
    • Curry
  • JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)
    • Intro to JSON format
    • Comparing JSON and XML
  • Working with DOM in a Web Browser
    • What is DOM
    • Window, Element, Event
    • Querying and traversing DOM
  • AJAX
    • What AJAX means
    • Using XMLHttpRequest: requests and responses
    • Consuming JSON responses
  • Selected JavaScript Design Patterns
    • Singleton
    • Module
    • Observer
    • Mediator
    • Flyweight
    • Mixin
    • Proxy


Yakov Fain

Дата проведения

17 мая


8 часов (1 день)


1000 гривен за участника (обед включен).