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Тренинг “Introduction to Java EE 6”

Целевая аудитория

Java/JEE developers.

Описание тренинга

Learning Java language and the main Java SE APIs is the first step to become a professional Java developer. The knowledge of Java technologies known as Java EE is a pre-requisite for being included in any enterprise Java project. This master class will get you familiar with some of the major APIs that are included in the Java EE 6 specification.

This is a hand-on training and each attendee must bring a notebook with pre-installed software (details will be provided to those who’ll register). This class is targeted at developers having a working knowledge of Java language. This training will be conducted in Russian, but all presentation materials are in English.

Детальная программа

  • Overview of Java EE 6 APIs
    • Java EE 6 overview
    • Java EE component overview
    • Containers vs application servers
    • Installing GlassFish 3 server
  • Java Servlets
    • Architecture of Web applications with Java servlets
    • The browser-servlet data flow
    • Your first servlet
  • Web Application Sessions
    • Deploying servlets as WAR files
    • HTTP Get and Post requests
    • Session Tracking With servlets
    • Cookies
    • Session Tracking API – HttpSession
    • Advantages of JSP over servlets
    • Embedding Java Code Into HTML
  • Java Server Pages
    • Major JSP Tags
    • Implicit JSP Objects
    • Error Pages
    • Stock Portfolio Project With JSP
    • Deploying JSP
  • Java Messaging Service (JMS)
    • Advantages of asynchronous communications
    • Point-to-point and Publish/Subscribe modes
    • Message-Oriented Middleware (MOM)
    • Types of Messages
    • How to Send a Message
    • How to Receive a Message
    • How to Publish a Message
    • How to Subscribe to a JMS Topic
    • Message Selectors
  • Enterprise Java Beans
    • Intro to EJB 3.1
    • Role of the EJB Container
    • Session beans
    • Message-Driven Beans
  • Java Persistence API
    • Entity classes
    • Primary keys
    • The EntityManager
    • Querying entities with JPQL
  • Restful Web Services
    • What are Web Services
    • SOAP vs. REST
    • Sample application with REST


Yakov Fain

Дата проведения

18 мая


8 часов (1 день)


1000 гривен за участника (обед включен).