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Introduction to functional programming in Scala

Описание: Functional programming has been driving my personal development for the past couple of years. It all began with Clojure, but given its different syntax and a complete departure from what a common Java developer has learnt, Scala might be a better vehicle to drive people towards functional programming in JVM. That’s why I chose Scala and have been studying its functional flavor.

I’m more into Scala for its functional aspect rather than as a way to develop Java applications with a higher-level language, without constructs that may have been itching you here and there. The presentation is based on my experience mostly gained from the book “Functional Programming in Scala” that I’m reviewing and Clojure (or should it be vice versa?) I’m not very good at developing applications in Scala (and wouldn’t very much argue hearing I’d rather stay away from speaking about or demoing Scala on conferences), but it may be the reason why people may like my presentation – I show the language from the perspective of a person who has just started the journey into the functional aspects of Scala and found some of its concept engaging.

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Jacek Laskowski

Jacek Laskowski

IBM, Poland
Jacek Laskowski is the founder and a co-leader of the Warszawa Java User Group (Warszawa JUG). It works as a professional software specialist in the IBM World-wide WebSphere Competitive Migration Team to assist customers in their migrations from competitive Java EE application servers to IBM WebSphere Application Server. He develops applications, writes articles, mentors, records screencasts, delivers courses and reviews IT books. Jacek contributes to several open source projects with the longest track record in Apache OpenEJB. He regularly speaks at developer conferences. For his achievements he’s recently been appointed to the IBM Academy of Technology. He blogs at blog.japila.pl (en) and blog.jaceklaskowski.pl (pl). Follow him on twitter @jaceklaskowski. He has quite recently been active in StackOverflow.

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