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Nashorn – the new JavaScript engine for JVM

Описание: Nashorn is a new JavaScript engine written in pure Java. In this session you’ll get introduced to Nashorn and will get answers to the following questions:

  • What does it bring to the Java world?
  • What capabilities does it provide for the server and the client sides?
  • How can you leverage Nashorn in the real-life projects?

You’ll also learn how can we use it today, even before Nashorn is integrated into public JDK8 builds.

Тип выступления: Мини-доклад (15 минут)
Anton Moiseev

Anton Moiseev

Farata Systems, Russia

Anton Moiseev has been developing enterprise applications for 8 years with Java, JavaScript, and .NET technologies. He has a solid background developing rich Internet applications using various platforms. Currently he’s building e-Commerce applications based on Java EE platform. Anton has a strong focus on Web technologies implementing best practices to make the front-end work seamlessly with back-end. He’s a huge enthusiast of JavaScript and HTML5.

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