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Igor Khotin

Igor Khotin

IntroPro, Ukraine

Software designer, UNIX plumber, coach and consultant with 15 years of experience in IT industry. Has been involved in wide range of projects – from ERP and CRM systems to Massive Multiplayer Online Games and scalable solutions for media entertainment industry. Currently, he is researching new technology trends to rethink and change the business.

Speaker's activity
App infrastructure for microservices with Spring Cloud 1.0.0
May 23
45 minutes

Abstract: In this talk we will cover a new trend in distributed enterprise architecture – microservices. How the leading technology companies like Netflix and Amazon come to use that approach. How does it help them to scale their infrastructure. And how the newest set of tools in the Spring family would help you to apply those design principles in practice.

Spring has always been about patterns and Spring Cloud brings you implementation of several widespread ones for distributed apps.

We will talk about the problems we’ve encountered while trying to move our projects in cloud, what pain Spring Cloud promises to fix, how it fits the new cloud world vision. And what should come first – DevOps or Microservices.