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Alexey Fyodorov

Alexey Fyodorov

Odnoklassniki, Russia

Java developer for 8+ years. Worked for Oracle for 3 years (JCK Team, Java Platform group). Leader of the St. Petersburg Java User Group, and CodeFreeze community, organizer of Russian Java conferences JPoint and Joker. Interested in Java runtime, multithreaded programming, Java compatibility and software engineering trade-offs. Since 2015 Technology Evangelist at Odnoklassniki.

Speaker's activity
Atomics, CAS, and Nonblocking Algorithms
May 22
45 minutes

Abstract: This talk will introduce you in disadvantages of locking, CAS operations, Java atomic variable classes and a couple of nonblocking algoritms: nonblocking stack and nonblocking queue. If we have time, we will also talk about ABA problem. The talk is based on JCIP (§15) and TAoMP (§§ 5, 7, 10, 11). It will be interesting for Java programmers who have heard about CAS and lock-free, but who have no experience in writing non-blocking code.