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Nikita Salnikov-Tarnovski

Nikita Salnikov-Tarnovski

Plumbr, Estonia

Co-founder of Plumbr, the memory leak detection product, where he now contributes as core developer. Besides his daily technical tasks he is an active blogger, JavaOne RockStar and frequent conference speaker (Devoxx, JavaOne Russia, 33rd Degree, TopConf, JavaDay, GeekOut, Joker, Jazoon etc).

Prior to founding Plumbr, Nikita was a Java EE developer and performance consultant in the Baltics, and has worked with tens of different Java EE applications over the years. In the last four years he specialized in troubleshooting and performance optimization.

Speaker's activity
First steps in GC tuning
May 22
45 minutes

Abstract: Correctly configured Garbage Collector is essential for application performance. Unfortunately, there are more than 200 JVM configuration parameters which influence GC in one way or another. Their very obscure names make your command line looks like a magic incantation.

The goal of this talk is to demystify Garbage Collector optimisations. I will explain the basics of Garbage Collector tuning, starting from data collection and analysis. I will show how to formulate optimisation hypotheses, choose right parameters for it and verify if they worked. You will not become a GC expert, but you will not be afraid of GC tuning anymore.