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Anton Moiseev

Anton Moiseev

Farata Systems, Russia

Anton is a software developer. He’s been developing enterprise applications for 8 years with Java and .NET technologies. He has a solid background developing rich Internet applications using various platforms. Currently he’s building insurance applications based on Java EE platform. Anton has a strong focus on Web technologies implementing best practices to make the front-end work seamlessly with the back-end. He’s a huge enthusiast of programming languages.

Speaker's activity
Know Your User’s Location
May 22
45 minutes

Abstract: Have you ever felt irritated that you needed to enter your address on a Web site to find the nearest post office or a movie theatre? Modern Web applications must use geolocation API to automate discovery of the user’s current location. This can dramatically improve the user experience. It’s not just about convenience, the more your app can find out automatically, the more likely people will use it.

In this presentation I will discuss different approaches for determining the user’s location on the client side of a Web application. We’ll talk about practical challenges like concurrent requests, timeouts, inaccurate data, dirty data and fallback options. We’ll also look at some technical aspects like futures, async functions and generators. This talk is based on our experience gained while developing and deploying a Web application in production. All code examples will be given in Dart programming language, which directly matches the upcoming syntax of new JavaScript version (a.k.a. ES6).