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Gleb Smirnov

Gleb Smirnov

Plumbr / Estonia

Deals with stability-critical high-performance applications, including, but not limited to financial systems. A mutation analysis adept who also strives to raise the general awareness of HotSpot internals, mainly via articles and talks. Currently doing performance at Plumbr, Estonia.

Speaker's activity
Just what are you doing, HotSpot?
May 22
45 minutes

Abstract: Most engineers face problems that are new to them from time to time. Sometimes reading the docs is enough to solve it. Sometimes, there is someone who can help you out. Some other times, you have to dig in by yourself. When things get as deep as JVM, many engineers tend to back down.

But come on, HotSpot is not a mysterious machine. It is opensource, after all! All the seemingly weird JVM behavior can be reproduced, and explained if one goes just a bit deeper.

This talk will take the audience to the fun world of the JVM sources and review several case studies that are initially puzzling, but are actually quick to be dissolved.


Slides are available here.