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Maciek Próchniak

Maciek Próchniak

TouK, Poland

Maciek Próchniak is algebraic topologist, for more than 8 years developing on JVM for food and pleasure. This includes various subjects varying from architecture to operations and from integration to web development. Recently trying hard to code more functionally, preferably in Scala. Likes to speak at conferences from Bergen to Cairo on wide range of topics – from Scala type system to noSQL databases. For 5 years happy @ TouK, and even more happy husband and father.

Speaker's activity
Microservices, ‘Enterprise’ and Conway’s law
May 22
45 minutes

Abstract: Microservices are today’s hype. It seems that if you’re not doing them – you’re old fashioned and Doing It Wrong. But to do it properly you have to work in certain environment – ‘you have to be That tall’ as Martin Fowler wrote. In particular if you ignore things Conway’s law you’ll fail miserably.

In this talk I’d like to tell you about our (small agile software house working for Big Company) experiences – when is it possible to change the company you’re working for and when it’s better to accept its constraints – and what can you do to make it still a bit better place to live – which rules and practices seen on Netflix gorgeous talks can be easily used and which are more problematic.

Be aware that I’ll use old-fashioned words like OSGi, but I’ll try to omit most technical details and focus more on bigger picture – how we tried to move from good (?) old ESB towards fashionable microservices and where and why we decided to stay.


Slides are available here.