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Maxim Ivanov

Maxim Ivanov

Laximo, Russia

Maxim has 15 years of experience as a Java developer, team lead and software architect. His career started with projects involving J2EE and CORBA and now he has lots of experience with enterprise solutions, working as software architect and mentor for his team.

Speaker's activity
Hey, I’ve seen something like it before!
May 22
45 minutes

Abstract: We’ll talk about how development methodology has changed in the Java world for the last 15 years. You will see examples of architectural mistakes, frequently involving buzzword heavy hyped technologies, like “NoSQL”, “Microservices” and so on. Often popular “innovative approaches” aren’t more than yet another viewpoint to a known technological business problem. If you are responsible for architectural decisions, the thought “Hey, I’ve seen something like it before!” is helpful and gives you a chance to avoid inventing the wheel from scratch once again.