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Dmytro Mantula

Dmytro Mantula

GlobalLogic, Ukraine

Software developer for 10+ years. Moved from Java to Scala and now don’t remember what “NPE”, “return” and “debugger” are. Co-organizer of JEEConf, speaker at Java and Scala conferences.

Speaker's activity
Scala Rock-Painting
May 23
45 minutes

Abstract: At the end of 2013, an online course “Functional Programming in Scala” by Martin Odersky caught buzz among my friends-java-developers. After graduating the course with honours, I have decided that I can easily cope with any Scala-based project. But the reality appeared not so colourful.

In my lecture I’m going to show some pros and cons of Scala with examples from real life. I’ll tell you about the perks Scala provides us with, and traps that can turn our lives into hell. I will show the elegance of Scala, explain how different perception of elegance can be, and how it can end up.

My lecture might be especially interesting for those who are already familiar with the syntax of the language, but did not have a chance to work with it in real projects.