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Gleb Smirnov

Gleb Smirnov

Plumbr / Estonia

Deals with stability-critical high-performance applications, including, but not limited to financial systems. A mutation analysis adept who also strives to raise the general awareness of HotSpot internals, mainly via articles and talks. Currently doing performance at Plumbr, Estonia.

Speaker's activity
Side-By-Side Performance Comparisons
May 23
45 minutes

Abstract: Suppose you want to have a general understanding of how the performance changes when you add a new JVM argument. For instance, you develop an agent, and you want to make sure that the clients’ performance does not suffer when it’s attached. Or you want to see if it is a good idea to enable a JVM option by default.

There are surprisingly many ways to do it wrong. The talk will cover some of them and discuss the general problem of benchmark suites for Java.