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Mohamed Taman

Mohamed Taman

Sr. Solutions Architect at Devtech d.o.o, Serbia

Sr. Enterprise Architect @DevTech Beograd, Serbia, a Java Champion, an Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador, Java/ Mobile/ Web / Big Data / Cloud / Blockchain (HashGraph) / DevOps Architect, JCP, Duke Award winner 3 times, International Speaker, Books & Videos Author.

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25+ recipes to use Optional Effectively which Is Not Optional

In this session, we will learn how to use the Optional class the way it was intended? Here I will show you common mistakes, anti-patterns, and panic code that most of the developers do when they use Optional. So, let’s tackle this topic with 25+ recipes that try to address Optional in your code through an elegant and painless approach, and covers all enhancements added to it until Java 12 release.