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Vladimir Sitnikov

Vladimir Sitnikov

NetCracker, Russia

Has been worked for 10 years on performance and scalability of NetCracker OSS – software used to automate network and network equipement management processes. Interested in Java performance questions and Oracle Database. Author of more than 10 performance improvements in PostgreSQL JDBC driver, cglib, Checkstyle, etc.

Speaker's activity
A step-by-step approach toward high quality OutOfMemoryError analysis
May 21st

When you face lack of memory condition, the common wisdom is you should grab Eclipse MemoryAnalyzer and wrap your mind around it a bit. It works for most of the cases, however there are scenarios that make even experienced engineer helpless.

We will review complex realistic scenarios leading to OOM condition, and we will learn approaches of identifying the root cause. We will see why WeakHashMap might keep memory from being garbage collected, we’ll learn the way to find out native memory leaks, and we’ll discuss how finalizers interact with OpenJDK’s GC.

You will learn the way to analyze lack of memory issues, and you’ll get familiar with best practices to avoid lack of memory condition.