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Yakov Fain

Yakov Fain

Farata Systems, USA

Yakov Fain is Java Champion and a co-founder of the IT consultancy Farata Systems. He wrote a thousand blogs (http://yakovfain.com) and several books about software development. He authored and co-authored such books as “Angular 2 Development with TypeScript”, “Java 24-Hour Trainer”, “Enterprise Web Development”. His Twitter tag is @yfain. Most of all Yakov enjoys learning and teaching software.

Speaker's activity
Angular 2 for Java developers
May 20th
Master class

Angular 2 is a complete re-write of the super popular Web framework AngularJS. According to Pluralsight survey, Angular leads the list of what developers want to learn in 2016. Angular 2 is a component-based framework that will have an effect in JavaScript community similar to what Spring framework did for Java. This presentation is an overview of this hot framework, which finally made Web development understandable for Java developers.