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Aleksandr Tarasov

Aleksandr Tarasov

Software Engineer at Odnoklassniki, Russia

Aleksandr is a Software Engineer at one of the most popular social network Odnoklassniki. He has more than 10 years of experience in server-side Java development and more than three years in different kinds of automatization and engineering practices.

Speaker's activity
Automating experiments with Kotlin DSL
May 19th

In a large project, you can not just take it and make it available to all customers. Therefore, experiments are conducted that require manual changes that lead to time costs and sometimes errors. To remove these factors, Odnoklassniki decided to automate the preparation and launch of experiments. In the report, Aleksandr Tarasov will tell you why Kotlin was chosen for this, rather than the classic configuration management tools (such as Ansible), why a good DSL and toolkit are critical to this task. Make a deep dive into Kotlin Script feature and overcome problems that we’ve solved in order for everything to work as originally conceived.