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Serhiy Batyuk

Serhiy Batyuk

Lohika, Ukraine

Serhiy Batyuk is a Tech Lead with more than 10 years of experience writing code, designing software architectures, and leading teams in the meantime. For the last 3 years Serhiy has been involved in projects on the verge of technology working with startups from Silicon Valley. Currently he is interested in the design of distributed systems, functional programming, and Big Data.

Speaker's activity
AWS Simple Workflow: Distributed out of the Box!
May 21st

Do you have a lot of complex jobs that you need to run as part of your application? Do they consist of multiple tasks and you wonder how to orchestrate them properly? Do you want to be able to easily scale their execution? Is availability of your workers important to you? If you answer “Yes” to these questions then AWS Simple Workflow is the right tool for you.

In this talk we will go through Amazon SWF and Java Flow Framework and you will see how to get a distributed job execution engine right out of the box. We will also compare SWF to alternative solutions, discuss real life experience, and of course enjoy a live demo.

The talk will be most useful to everyone who is interested in the design of distributed systems and is new to AWS SWF.