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Kamil Szymański

Kamil Szymański

Tech Lead at Pragmatic Coders, Poland

Software developer, JVM & open-source enthusiast, develops D2C investment platform @ Pragmatic Coders.

Speaker's activity
Beyond clean code

When talking about clean code we mostly focus on code that reads like prose and needs no comments, code where all method names clearly express the intent, code broken down into small, composable functions that operate on single level of abstraction, code that follows SOLID, DRY, YAGNI and numerous other principles.

Once we feel our code is clean and follows good software engineering principles we tend to switch our perspective to bird’s-eye view focusing on higher-level abstractions and architectures following further sets of good practices and architectural principles. Rarely we put enough focus on things that fall between those two views: the detailed view focused on implementation details and 30 000 foot view allowing to see the big picture.

In this live-coding session we will focus on the often overlooked “”middle-ground””, refactoring a well known open source demo project and discussing it’s design flaws throughout the refactoring journey.
On top of it we will give ourselves some food for thought by discussing common naming habits and their shortcomings. Let’s see how can we make our design speak in a way that leaves no room for ambiguity nor noise.