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Andrii Tsvelodub

Andrii Tsvelodub

Software Engineer at Zoomdata, Ukraine

Andrii is a Software Engineer at Zoomdata, interested in twisting, chopping and squeezing all kinds of data. He holds a Master’s degree in CS&EE from Kyiv Polytechnical Institute. Prior to Zoomdata Andrii developed OSS software and customer portals for telecom operators. When not at work he loves spending time with family and friends, and tweaking synthesizers with his cat.

Speaker's activity
Big data analytics using a custom SQL engine
May 18th

Although the beginnings of SQL date back to 70s, the language is more relevant than ever. You can save your data in good old PostgreSQL, a fancy new NoSQL database, or even some in-house built storage, but everyone will want to use SQL to query it.

At Zoomdata we build a modern BI platform, which works natively with regular DBs and big data alike. We went through several implementations, employing different approaches and frameworks, but in the end, concluded that the best way to execute analytical queries is to use an engine that natively understands SQL and relational algebra.

In this talk I will introduce Apache Calcite – an open source framework that can help you build your own database, execute queries over distributed data sources, and much more. I will also share our experience of using it and will demo an example of how to build your own SQL front-end to any data you have (and it will be better than Mongo).