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Maria Kharlamb

Maria Kharlamb

Team Lead at DataArt, UK

Senior Java Developer/ Team Lead with 6+ years of experience in Java, master’s degree in cybersecurity and a black belt in karate. 🙂 Lives in London, leads 2 teams of java developers onsite in client office and believes that the one who owns information owns the world which is why information security is one of the most important subjects in the IT industry.

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Building a secure Java app is possible

Securing Java web applications from inside and outside threats is a challenging task. In enterprise projects, it’s always not enough time to think about security and requirements. You always have certain limitations for different sources. So what? You skip caring about security.

If you’ve always struggled to understand: 1) how to define if your app is secure; 2) what steps to follow to make sure your code and customers are safe, this talk is exactly for you!

We’ll go through top vulnerabilities and review ways to prevent and fix their appearing with a simple web demo project. Based on simple examples you’ll see that making java app secure is an achievable goal even if the resources of your project are limited. We’ll end up with a brief overview of automatic tools that can help to identify vulnerabilities as well as maintain application security on a regular basis.

Go and make your app secure!