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Konstantin Tsykulenko

Konstantin Tsykulenko

Smartling, Ukraine

Konstantin is a Senior Software Engineer at Smartling. His previous experience ranges from Android development to building high load enterprise systems. He’s a programming geek, who enjoys playing with new technologies and participating in coding competitions like Topcoder. His current interests include Scala, Reactive Programming and Machine Learning.

Speaker's activity
Building distributed applications with Akka and Akka Cluster
May 21st

Akka framework is a powerful concurrency tool that brings actor model to the JVM. This talk is going to briefly cover Akka basics such as actor model and its place among other popular concurrency paradigms and then move to more advanced topics such as building distributed apps using advanced features such as Akka clustering and distributed data (CRDTs) to build scalable and fault tolerant distributed applications, using a distributed web crawler as an example.