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Illia Seleznov

Illia Seleznov

Team Lead at Playtika, Ukraine

Illia has been working in commercial development for over 8 years. Participated in different projects from scratch to production, from room startup to a huge high-loaded project. At the moment Illia is leading the development of marketing and monetization tools at Playtika – building hight-loaded distributed services that help to improve business KPIs.

Speaker's activity
Building microservice architecture with Apache Kafka

Microservices in 2019 is not something new. It is a standard. Still, understanding of microservice architecture is different in each company. I’d like to share how we build a microservice architecture based on communication via Kafka messages. Namely, benefits we got and issues we had. Frameworks we use for various tasks. I’ll show on examples how Kafka helps us build independent services and update solutions fast. Also, I’ll share which tools help with developing and monitoring such solutions.

Slides can be found here.