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Alexander Derkach

Alexander Derkach

Senior Software Engineer at Playtika, Ukraine

Alexander has been developing with Java for half a decade, including personal and commercial projects. Worked on different projects, ranging from simple microservices to complex monoliths. He is addicted to game-dev, performance and distributed paradigms.

Speaker's activity
Bulding a reactive game engine with Spring 5 & Couchbase
May 27th
13:25 - 14:10

A social game, by it’s nature can spread very quickly to a large user audience. Since a game is typically interactive, the speed of retrieving information needed for the user’s interactions with the system is critical. Applications which exclusively rely on synchronous data access, very often hit a scalability wall, when things get slow and their thread pools are exhausted. New paradigms like reactive programming alleviate this and provide extensive tool sets to deal with the ever growing demands of web applications.

This talk:

– Describes why Couchbase is the most appropriate solution for many video game and gaming use cases.
– Shows how to build scalable and reactive applications by making use of the Couchbase Java SDK 2.x, RxJava library and Spring Framework 5.