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Andriy Rymar

Andriy Rymar

Software Engineer at Lohika, Ukraine

Java software engineer with 7+ years of experience. Andriy appreciates colleagues who share their experience with others because he truly believes that we can become better only if we help others to be better too. Andriy always refreshes knowledge via public resources and visiting conferences. Open to any discussion even if it is not related to IT world and would be happy to meet new and interesting people.

Speaker's activity
Cassandra: to be or not to be
May 26th
13:25 - 14:10

All popular NoSQL solutions are popular because they are well promoted. And this is a reason why many people use them without deep understanding of what it exactly is and if it satisfies their business requirements. During this talk Andriy will describe what Apache Cassandra is and how it actually processes your requests. This might make you think about if Cassandra is the right solution for your business cases, scenarios and queries or not.