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Dmitry Jemerov

Dmitry Jemerov

JetBrains, Russia

Dmitry Jemerov has been working with JetBrains since 2003 and has participated the development of many products, including IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, WebStorm and others. He was also one of earliest contributors to Kotlin. Right now he leads the team working on the Kotlin IntelliJ IDEA plugin, as well as writing a book on Kotlin in co-authorship with Svetlana Isakova.

Speaker's activity
Caught in the Act: Kotlin Bytecode Generation and Runtime Performance
May 20th

In this talk, we’ll dive into the details of how various language features supported by Kotlin are translated to Java bytecode. We’ll use the JMH microbenchmarking tool to study the relative performance of various constructs and to understand how we can ensure top performance of the Kotlin code that we write.