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Anatoly Polinsky

Anatoly Polinsky

Director of Zeros and Ones at Chariot Solutions, USA

Anatoly loves people, music and coding. He went from “ZX Spectrum The Great” to IBM z/Series and then back to human oriented hardware. He works at Chariot Solutions where he has an opportunity to hack on Clojure, Java, Scala, Go, mobile and this thing people call big data. In his free time he drinks scotch, smokes hookah, jams some guitar chords with others, and then some.

Speaker's activity
Clojure Bits in JVM Universe
May 19th

Out of many strong JVM based languages Clojure and Java make a great couple. Coming to Clojure from Spring several years ago I really wished, back then, someone could explain functional programming and Clojure ecosystem to me from the Spring/Java point of view.

In this talk I’ll try to bridge that gap by talking about practical “How would you do X in Clojure” examples including state management, AOP, talking to SQL/NoSQL databases, Consul based app configuration, messaging, portable communication between languages, async primitives, and more “Spring familiar” topics.

Slides can be found here.