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Oleksandr Radchykov

Oleksandr Radchykov

GlobalLogic, Ukraine

For last few years Oleksandr worked on several back-end projects that were based on JVM based languages such as Java and Groovy. He loves to dig into Java internals, inspect how the magic is happening and break in.

Speaker's activity
Code generation with Javac Plugin
May 20th
Lightning talk

Javac plugin API was introduced in java 8. We can use this API for getting cool things done (like code generation/code analyzing). However it is not widely used right now. Most of `java magic` projects like Lombok, Java-OO are using annotation processing. I want to show brand new approach for making the magic in java which has some benefits. Right now I have prototype which gives us the power of auto type casting in java and, if you want to use it, you shouldn’t add any dependencies to your project for using it, you should only add flag for compiler. In future I think it can be done through build tool plugin.