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Dmitry Chuyko

Dmitry Chuyko

Performance Engineer at Oracle, Russia

Java SE performance engineer at Oracle for last 4 years. Previous years of experience with Java demonstrated that performance issues hinder applications of any scale.

Speaker's activity
Compile ahead of time. It’s fine?
May 26th
10:00 - 10:45

Static (ahead-of-time) compilation of code appeared in Oracle JDK 9. We have already discussed why this is necessary, and the scope of the current implementation. Now it makes sense to talk about the technical details. Anyone can easily suffer from some already known problems of current implementation. From the other hand it makes sense to test potential benefits and to try a tiny piece of bright future. But one must realize how to try it right. What information is generated by the AOT and how it is generated, how compiled AOT code interacts with Hotspot. What you can do with AOT code by external tools, and how to infiltrate into the compilation process. And of course, what grips to twist, and what will be the performance with AOT.